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Ever wonder why a particular diet or lifestyle worked for someone else but never worked for you?

Or why does trying the latest diet or fitness trend make you feel worse instead of better? The answer may be in your genes! Genetic variations influence how our bodies metabolize nutrients, affecting our dietary requirements. By understanding your unique genetic makeup, we can create a personalized plan that suits you best based on your DNA. It’s like having a flashlight in the dark that may help us find the root cause of your health issues by examining your genome. Your genes don’t work in isolation; they interact with each other and with the body’s environment. Factors such as what we eat, how we move, our stress levels, and our emotional lives affect how our genes function. Knowing your genetic blueprint can answer the following questions and provide us with the best information to create the most personalized plan for you.

  • Nutrition
    What are the specific requirements of your body and how does it react to certain types of foods? Do you have a high tolerance for fats and carbohydrates? What is your need for vitamin D? Do you need more antioxidants and Omega-3 fatty acids than others? Is it necessary for you to restrict your intake of gluten, salt, or caffeine?
  • Physical Movement
    What is the optimal exercise for your body? How can you train smarter, based on your genes, for better performance, faster recovery, and fewer injuries?
  • Disease prevention
    Is your body more prone to high blood pressure, high blood sugar, or high cholesterol? How can you support your cardiovascular system and your immune system for more resilience as you age? We also look at processes like inflammation, detoxification, methylation, and more.
  • Your Body Size
    Why does your body resist weight loss and how can you manage your weight in a healthy way that is personalized to your unique body?
  • Stress 
    How does your life stress affect your brain health, your hormones, your sleep quality, and your overall wellness? More importantly, what can you do about it?

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